OSKO-VILLAGE отобран для участия в престижной международной премии INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY AWARDS

13 Сентября 2018

Мы рады сообщить, что проект коттеджного поселка OSKO-VILLAGE отобран для участия в престижной международной премии INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY AWARDS. Будем информировать всех о ходе конкурса! Следите за новостями на нашем сайте и в социальных сетях!


Since 2002, OSKO-HAUS remains the only company on the Russian housing development market that builds authentic Fachwerk Houses. Leading German architects, like Herr Harald Nurnberg, and engineers with decades of experience designed OSKO HAUS projects. This is why exquisite OSKO HAUS villas deserve your special attention.

The modern Fachwerk style features advanced materials and technology assembly to accommodate luxurious lifestyle naturally immersed into a finely crafted landscape. It creates a personalised microclimate and a unique feeling of space in the house. Fachwerk villas are excellent long-lasting buildings with private pools and sets of amenities elaborately customised for property buyers.

Distinct Fachwerk villas are well fit into the natural landscape, with no harm to the environment. This is what you see at OSKO Village, private development of 38 high-profile villas and 18 landscaped ponds. OSKO HAUS erected calm and private villas just 30 mins from St Petersburg downtown to provide cozy family life to high profile real estate customers.

The village features developed infrastructure. Common areas include an SPA zone, hammam bath, saunas, modern fitness club, a beach and a restaurant to fulfil social needs and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is a dedicated playground for kids within the village.   

Every building meets German construction standards for private housing or exceeds those. OSKO HAUS offer 1700-8000 sq.m. plots with fully furnished or unfurnished, but well-decorated villas. A design partnership with Villa Project Baden Baden guarantees the quality of solutions we offer to prospective buyers in their pursuit of a dream home.

Our buyers are typically residents of St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of the Russian Federation. They do not miss a chance of owning exclusive property in the secluded area and thoroughly enjoy entertainment choices of the downtown just a few miles away.






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